Born and raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, I fell in love with graphic design at a young age. During an 8th grade job shadow to a local marketing agency, I abandon my dream of becoming a veterinarian/lawyer, and decided to pursue my interest in design. Thanks to my high school’s partnership with the local community college, I hit the ground running and learned the basics of design and photography by the time I graduated.

In 2011, I continued to pursue my interest by attending Drake University. By my sophomore year, I decided to pick up a second degree in creative advertising. This decision led me to a wonderful job opportunity at the Des Moines Radio Group. I started out as part-time promotions and eventually became the digital media assistant. This job had really opened me amazing opportunities from concert photography to event planning.

After graduating from college, I decided to begin my career as a designer and became a digital media designer for Gannett Imaging and Ad Design. I hit the ground running and quickly began to work my way through the ranks within the company. Within my first year with the company, I mastered a variety of workflows and eventually earned my current title of quality lead. With this new position, I closely work with supervisors and management to ensure our employees are meeting our standards and assist with improving their skills.

When I’m not working, you can probably find me at home cuddling with my two rescued cats, Amaya and Merlot. My love for animals, particularly cats, has earned me the title of "Crazy Cat Lady" among many of friends and peers. Growing up, I had a knack for bringing home a stray from time to time, including one exciting road trip that involved transporting a rescued bearded dragon from Des Moines to Cedar Rapids. Now I use that energy to help support a local no-kill shelter, Furry Friends Refuge

Cats aren't my only obsession. I'm also an avid crafter and a huge nerd (Though, let’s be honest, who isn’t now days?) From curtains to cosplays, I'm always thinking about my next craft project. In high school when my peers were saving up for their first cars, I was saving up for my first sewing machine. I don't get to as much sewing as I used now that I have a full-time job, but when I do find time for a project, it's always an adventure for me.